Serbian soldier evacuates child from flooding

Serbian soldier evacuates child from flooding Reuters

The zionist controlled western media has virtually ignored the suffering of the Serbian people as a result of record breaking flooding. Except for a few articles dealing with THIS in the Israeli press, there has been no other coverage….


Could this be the reason why?

No Jewish involvement= No interest?


No Jews Among Reported Balkans Flood Deaths, Says Rabbi

Chief Rabbi of Serbia says Jewish community working to locate all its large elderly population, ‘this is something completely unknown.’

The Balkans are suffering from a flood of magnitudes not seen in decades, which has left over 35 dead and sent tens of thousands of people fleeing from their homes, as heavy rains turned the Sava River into a lethal torrent.

Rabbi Yitzhak Asiel, the Chief Rabbi of Serbia, says that at this point no Jews are known to have…

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What if the agricultural revolution has already happened and we didn’t realize it? Essentially, that’s the idea in this report from the Guardian about a group of poverty-stricken Indian rice and potato farmers who harvested confirmed world-record yields of rice and potatoes. Best of all: They did it completely sans-GMOs or even chemicals of any kind.

[Sumant] Kumar, a shy young farmer in Nalanda district of India’s poorest state Bihar, had — using only farmyard manure and without any herbicides — grown an astonishing 22.4 tonnes of rice on one hectare [~2.5 acres] of land. This was a world record and with rice the staple food of more than half the world’s population of seven billion, big news.

It beat not just the 19.4 tonnes achieved by the “father of rice”, the Chinese agricultural scientist Yuan Longping, but the World Bank-funded scientists at the International Rice Research Institute in…

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