I grew up in a very rigid way and only believed what I was told for years until I realized that I wasn’t reaching my potential. The viewpoint I had been given, shown, trained and taught didn’t co-oincide with the way I felt I should live my life.  So one day I decided to start going after my dreams. I began to speak up about topics that many others feared and thought shouldn’t be spoken of for fear of reprisals.  Fear is “False Expectations Appearing Real.”

Our expectations are what make us who we are and are our reference points as to what we want, like, and do with our lives. I have simple expectations of others such as “acceptance, respect and love.” I have chosen to write about topics that feed my soul and drive me to share with others my point of view.  I feel that it will be an eye opening experience when you see the world through my eyes.  I grew up with the belief that we should force our viewpoint on the world and if a person didn’t follow that line of thinking then they were written off for having a different viewpoint.  We need to have “open minds” if we really want to see the whole picture of the world and others we interact with in our daily lives.  We can’t close our eyes off to everything else and say this is the only way you will be accepted around us as this is “conditional love.”  The cause of much pain in this world is pushing our conditions upon others.  What we need to be doing is sharing with them our unconditional love, ourselves and being the example of what we believe in.  Be a doer, not a hearer.


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