A Walking Testimony

I have had many health difficulties in my life.  I found my way through them by opening my mind and heart to all options that are available out there.  I found my natural path by looking for the source of my difficulties by studying “Prevention” and spiritual principles.  I realized that our health is directly affected by our thoughts and emotions.  The root of all disease starts in the mind.  Our health affects the mental, spiritual, physical and emotional response of our body.  We are unable to reach our human potential without good health.  Much of our health problems start in the mind.  Super Foods, vitamins and minerals supplemental support in chelation formulations, help our body cleanse itself.

Super Foods are one of the most physical powerful ways to cleanse our body and give it the fuel it needs to heal itself and fight off intrusions into our bodies.  We can prevent most sicknesses and diseases with a balanced nutritional diet of healthy foods and exercise.  In some cases we can actually reverse the aging process with such things as drinking “alkaline water” which cleanses our cells of impurities, heavy metals, pollutants and free radicals out of our bodies.

The chemical deficiencies that we hear about in the media so much these days with ADHD and mental difficulties are the direct result of our lack of minerals and vitamins in our foods. we eat.  We need extra help from supplements to receive the energy and minerals that used to be in the food we ate.  The reason that an organic raw vegetable and fruit diet is more effective as a diet is that the antioxidants are able to do their job and the aura or light energy of the food has not been destroyed.  Much of our food that comes to us from out of the country has been irradiated.  This causes changes in the molecular structure of the light energy in the food which destroys the aura of the food when it is irradiated.  Our body also needs the plants enzymes to help digest and assimulate the nutrients and minerals in order to turn them into fuel and energy for our bodies.  The light energy or aura that raw food has assimulates into our body as it is alive when transferred to our bodies.  We then convert that energy into our own magnetic or kinetic energy that we all have surrounding us with our own aura.

The body’s “chakra points” are energy points where this light energy or magnetic energy we produce, flows along and through.   These median points can be choked off by emotions placed on our body from our mind in those areas.  When this happens, the energy won’t flow through these median points properly and it can cause the body’s cells problems in those areas.  How the energy flows through our body, affects our health directly.

Yoga is such a great exercise because it allows the release of emotional energy that we naturally place on our body.  Emotional traumas tend to choke off our energy flow.  Yoga’s exercise by stretching uses physical changes to shift our spiritual sense.  Yoga releases and replaces our thoughts through meditation allowing the light energy to flow through us.  This shifts our thoughts towards energetic oneness with all energies and our spiritual values are placed in those areas for our bodies protection and health.

In conclusion, in order to have a balanced Mind, Body, and Spiritual awareness, we need good health.  So stay fit, eat the right amounts of the right foods, supplement your minerals and vitamins, exercise and cleanse your body.  You will receive and have all the natural fuels your body can produce to reach your potential and enjoy your life.



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