We all are affected by the rising frequencies and vibrations of the energy surrounding the earth.  We all interact with this energy or “white light” every day.  The energy is cleansing our own 7 Chakras to be welcoming and allowing the flow of the energy to easily flow through us as we act like a vessel of electricity.  

The process of awakening in 2012 depends upon how aware we are of our own subtle energies.   The interaction with this unmitigated force that is rising will be the amount that we are affected.  If we have cleansed out all the dark energy out of our systems through crystal cleansing or other methods, then we will have a wonderful enlightening experience because we have nothing to hide.  If we haven’t done our cleansing then the energy will overwhelm the points on the chakra system that have been hidden and everything hidden will come to light for all to see.  We will have profound changes all at once if we haven’t been preparing for this year.

Enlightenment will happen whether we like it or not.  We will ease the frequency in and push out the dark energy hiding within.  Dark energy or “hidden” will be flushed out by the light.  Awakening is not just becoming aware but cleaning up our karma that lead us onto the paths we have chosen.  Enjoy the moments of this year as they will flow strongly in the shifting of our consciousness towards our destinies.  Grounding ourselves closer to mother earth will ease the experience of interaction with this energy and our systems.  Streamline your life and you will love the amount of energy that flows through us.


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