Hello! Greetings! Thank you for visiting!

I have finally decided to take the Leap and become a blogger about topics I am interested in like Health and Wellness, Spirituality, World Events, Mayan Calendar, Egyptology, and numerous topics.  I expect this site will have my view of the world through my experiences and perceptions.  My natural philosophy of life will be incorporated into all my writings.

I have learned how to analyze and connect the dots when researching topics of interest to get the whole story rather than someones opinion.  Substantiated facts of the situation need to come from various sources in order to get the whole perspective and then come up with your own opinion on the topic.  I speak from my heart as the truth does hurt sometimes as the illusion we have due to lack of study can be shattered.  I always take the positive, no fear way of speaking of topics that arent spoken of.

Many official stories I tend to debunk as my family was in the military in Britain, Intelligence services.  I learned many techniques for deciphering the real story out of the propogandized information that is released to the public.  I am a researcher at heart as I always wanted to see all versions of the so called story. I imagine you will enjoy a different light being shone upon the world through the viewpoints of this blog.

Thanks for your perusal,


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